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Yoga with Dave

~ Yoga for Everybody and All Bodies ~
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Breath of the Heart

Loving Your Yoga in the New Year and Beyond
Yoga Classes in Eugene
Feb 4-9th

Greetings Yogi~
The breath of the heart is the expansion of your Yoga - whether you are a beginner, or already have an established practice.  Perhaps you wish to re-ignite your practice?  This sequence is designed to help you do just that!
Classes are held at the Trauma Healing Project at 2222 Coburg Road.
Information on additional classes and a special heart-centered meditation intensive is included at right.
I look forward to seeing you very soon.
Thank you and Namaste,
Yoga with Dave - Aksara Yoga
Yoga for Everybody and All Bodies

Dave at SRF & Swami's Beach
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February 2015 Yoga:

Thursday & Friday, Feb 5th & 6th
6:45 to 8:00 AM


Sunday, February 8th

8:30 to 9:45 AM

sliding scale $5 - $20 each suggested


Trauma Healing Project

2222 Coburg Rd (In the Heeron buildng)
  (click for a map)
and (here for a link to THP's Schedule)


Breath of the Heart Meditation

Saturday, February 7th

8:30 to 10:30 AM

sliding scale $10 - $30 suggested

*RSVP for location

Wednesday & Monday* Asana

February 4th & 9th

6:45 to 8 AM

sliding scale $5 - $20 each suggested

*Must RSVP to attend these two classes

Please Add the Following

Travel Dates to your Calendar:

         March 10 - 17


Advance registrations for

all sessions are being accepted
through the email form below and/or by calling Lisa at (541) 515-3614


Choose Your Own Discount:

All Public classes
+ Private Yoga Session
 + invitation to extra sessions for $108*

Suggested Pricing:
All classes are offered on a sliding scale basis. Suggested Price* for Individual Classes is $5 to $20 each.


Workshops and special events may have special pricing.


Pranayama Swim Session:
$20 ea or $10 with any other Yoga Session

Private Yoga Available:
$60 each or 2/$80


*This is your opportunity to respect the value of a highly attuned teacher who deeply understands all aspects of Yoga and is able to share the practice with students who show commitment to the practice.   Please pay accordingly.  A recent pricing survey in Eugene showed that an average class with a random teacher (who probably just finished teacher training) averages $12 each.


Please communicate with us!  Dave wants students who are committed to Yoga to attend.  Additional discounts are always available to those who have special circumstances. Call or write for information.


Advance registrations for all sessions are being accepted through the email form below and/or by calling Lisa at (541) 515-3614.

Send a Message to
Reserve Your Space!

Pre-register to qualify for discounts. Just send us a message stating which day(s) you will attend and how you would like to pay. This is also the place to talk to us about discounts and scholarships.

Namaste to each and every one of you. I am humbled by your presence.
                                                                                          ~ Dave