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Yoga with Dave

~ Yoga for Everybody and All Bodies ~
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Summer Solstice Yoga & Meditation Intensive

Raja Yoga Classes in Eugene
June 9 - 16, 2015

Greetings Yogi ~

Heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your prayers and donations in support of Nepali earthquake relief.  If you would still like to donate, please click here: Seva Foundation Nepal Recovery Project and you can also read my previous call for donations ***here***.
Thank you to all who were able to make it to the recent Mother's Day Yoga class, held at the Trauma Healing Project.  Apparently many were unable to attend due to traffic re-routing around the Eugene Marathon course.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you!  Speaking of the Eugene Marathon, long-time Yoga student Rick Colby participated in his first ever marathon that day: congratulations, Rick!
Please mark your calendar for the upcoming Yoga and Meditation Intensive, as well as for my regular Yoga classes.  The Summer Solstice Yoga and Meditation Intensive continues a long-standing tradition of coming together in support of the  Summer's Solstice.  This year, we will be meeting for a very early class (before dawn) at a 'secret labyrinth' in Eugene.  Following this, there will be a continued practice of asana, pranayama and meditation, held at The Lotus Center.  I am excited to lead this practice and encourage you to join with me for it!  Space is extremely limited and I urge you to connect with Lisa soon about registration and further details. 
I am also excited to mention that I will be teaching two classes in a new and wonderful location: Best Martial Arts Academy.  This space is fantastic!  Thanks to Sensei Best for the opportunity to practice Yoga in this very nice space.
Thank you for your dedication to Yoga and your continued support of my classes and offerings.  I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Dave at SRF & Swami's Beach
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June 2015 Yoga Offerings:


Morning Asana & Atunement

Thursday & Friday

June 11 & 12th - 6:45 to 8:00 AM


at Best Martial Arts Institute

795 Almaden Eugene, OR

sliding scale $5 - $20 each suggested

*For Information contact Lisa:

541-515-3614 or

Morning Asana & Atunement

Wednesday, Monday & Tuesday

June 10, 15 & 16th - 6:45 to 8:00 AM

at The Lotus Center

sliding scale $5 - $20 each suggested

*Please call/text/email Lisa to attend at:

541-515-3614 or


Summer Solstice Yoga &

Labyrinth Meditation Intensive

Saturday, June 13th

4:45 AM to 10:30 AM
at The Lotus Center & a local labyrinth

*Must pre-register to attend - contact Lisa at:

541-515-3614 or

No Sunday Asana Class for June!

We plan to return to Trauma Healing Project in July for our usual Sunday class.

Thursday, June 11th - 6:45pm

Interfaith Service: Pathways to Peace

at First Christian Church - Eugene

Map to 1166 Oak St

Dave has been invited to represent Yoga as a spiritual practice at the monthly Interfaith Prayer Service. He will speak on the topic of "Walking the Sacred Path: Living Your Yoga"  Dave will also lead the group meditation. Please join us there!

Please Add the Following

Travel Dates to your Calendar:

         July 8 - 15th

Advance registrations for all sessions are accepted through the email form below and/or by contacting Lisa at (541) 515-3614 or

Choose Your Own Discount:

All Public classes
+ Private Yoga Session
 + invitation to extra sessions for $108*

Suggested Pricing:
All classes are offered on a sliding scale basis. Suggested Price* for Individual Classes is $5 to $20 each.


Workshops and special events may have special pricing.


Private Swim Session:
$60/hour - may be private or shared rate. Call Lisa for more information.

Private Yoga Available:
$60 each session or 2/$80


*This is your opportunity to respect the value of a highly attuned teacher who deeply understands all aspects of Yoga and is able to share the practice with students who show commitment to the practice.   Please pay accordingly.  A recent pricing survey in Eugene showed that an average class with a random teacher (who probably just finished teacher training) averages $12 each.


Please communicate with us!  Dave wants students who are committed to Yoga to attend.  Additional discounts are always available to those who have special circumstances. Call or write for information.

Send a Message to
Reserve Your Space!

Pre-register to qualify for discounts. Just send us a message stating which day(s) you will attend and how you would like to pay. This is also the place to talk to us about discounts and scholarships.

Namaste to each and every one of you. I am humbled by your presence.
                                                                                          ~ Dave